Info & Tips

1. Caring well for your carpet between professional cleanings will keep it in excellent condition. Dirt, oil, and grime that has become embedded within the pile of your carpet can actually destroy the fibers, causing the carpet to become prematurely worn. Between regular deep cleanings, daily vacuuming is the most important thing you can do to maximize its life. 

2. Consider having a "no shoes" policy for your expensive Oriental or Persian area rugs. Heels can cause damage, and shoes that have been worn outside track in extra dirt and oils that can harm your rug. 

3. When your rug suffers a tear or other problematic damage, have it repaired as soon as possible. Also, be sure the fringe of your rug is never cleaned with a bleach solution – this will cause it to break down prematurely. 

4. Protect your carpets, rugs, and other expensive floorings by placing casters under the legs of your furniture. 

5. Keep your upholstery fabric fresh between cleanings by treating it with an enzyme cleaner. These can be purchased from most supermarkets, and are an excellent way to keep odors from seeping into your furniture fabric.    

6. Pet urine stains should be blotted up immediately, and then treated professionally as soon as possible.  This is very important in preventing the stain and odor from becoming permanent. 

7. Have your new carpet professionally cleaned within one year of purchase. Even if it doesn't appear dirty, soil that has settled into the carpet pile will begin to damage the carpet fibers and shorten its life.

8. Periodically change the traffic patterns of your carpet by moving around key pieces of furniture.  If you have an area rug, rotate it end to end for more even wear. 

9. Avoid the use of powder carpet deodorizers. These contain talcum powder, which, when exposed to moisture, can permanently cause white stains in your carpet. Also avoid using store-bought carpet stain cleaners, which contain harsh chemicals that can damage your carpet.

10. Always be sure your carpet and upholstery is cleaned without the use of harsh, toxic chemical solutions. This is especially important if you have children or pets, both of whom spend a lot of time on the carpet. Organic cleaning solutions are also gentler on your carpet.