Organic Cleaning

We are professional rug and carpet cleaners, and our first and foremost priority is giving our customers the service they deserve.  And we believe you’re your home can be sparkling clean and fresh without compromising the planet.  That’s why we’re dedicated to organic cleaning, in all of our work.

Going green might be trendy today, but here at Westchester Rug Cleaners, we’ve been using environmentally-friendly products for a long time, because we know they don’t just promote a healthier lifestyle for you, your children and your family, but they also protect the planet.  

All of our cleaning solutions are 100% natural, made only of products that are safe and gentle.  And unlike a lot of other carpet cleaning companies, that claim to be ‘green’ but don’t really put it into practice, we act on our beliefs.  We are scrupulous about using products that are kind on your carpets, rugs and upholstery are kind on your fabrics and carpets, but uncompromisingly tough on dirt.  Our Green Depot products have been designed with the environment in mind, and don’t contain any of the harsh chemicals traditional products do.  They don’t leave behind sticky residues, not toxic substances in the fibers of material.  And they’ll cut through soil and dirt super fast, as well as eliminating all kinds of nasty bacteria, germs and other harmful allergens lurking deep down in your carpet or rug.

Our cleaning solutions improve your air quality and don’t aggravate the health problems associated with traditional products (such as itchy eyes, runny noses, skin irritations and other unpleasant allergens).  You can feel safe in the knowledge that you aren’t risking your children’s health and that your pets are safe.  Your carpet, rug or sofa will be dry in no time at all, and you’ll see for yourself the positive impact organic cleaning has had on them.

Your satisfaction is our highest priority.  And we think that looking after your healthy and safety is a great place to begin.  Keeping your home as ‘green’ and environmentally-friendly is a good philosophy to live by, so let us help you achieve that with our organic cleaning services.  Pick up the phone now and call Westchester Rug Cleaners for a free, no-estimate quote and to find out more about the wide range of services we offer.