Rug Cleaning Westchester County NY

A stylish area rug can be the focal point of any room. Whether you are the proud owner of an Oriental or Persian rug or a modern wool rug with contemporary flair, having it professionally cleaned is one of the best things you can do to keep it looking its best for years.

Three Signs Your Rug Needs Professional Cleaning

Rugs that receive a normal amount of foot traffic ideally should be professionally cleaned about once a year. You can perform a couple of different tests to see if your rug is due for a cleaning:

  1.  Hold a corner of the rug up while giving it a brisk kick or two from the back side. If this produces a small amount of dust and a few carpet fibers, that's normal; your rug probably just needs to be vacuumed. But if a noticeable dust cloud appears, that's a good sign that your Oriental rug could use a professional rug cleaning

  2.  Fold back a corner of the rug until the pile separates and you can see where the base of the pile meets the rug's foundation. If there is visible dirt deep within the pile it probably cannot be reached by vacuuming alone. Removing dirt this deep requires professional Handmade Rug cleaning

  3.  With your hand, rub the pile vigorously for five to ten seconds. If your hand appears dirty afterward, the rug should definitely be cleaned.

We are Your Rug Cleaning Specialists

If you need professional rug cleaning in the Westchester, NY area, we are the cleaning and repair experts to call. We are experienced with all types of rugs, and will clean them with the utmost care. We will first evaluate the type of rug you have, so that we can use the most appropriate solution, cleaning it without damaging it any way.

We are able to remove stains and odors caused by pets, spills, and normal household activity.

We use natural Non Toxic, organic Rug cleaning products, so that your home environment stays healthy, clean, and free from toxins.

We offer a free rug pick-up and return delivery service in the greater Westchester area.  Contact us today for a free estimate, and we will have your rugs looking fabulous again in no time.