Rug Repair Westchester

It can be distressing to discover that your beautiful rug has suffered nasty tears or unsightly damage. Spike-heeled shoes, unprotected furniture legs, and cat claws are just a few of the things that can wreak havoc on your rug and shorten its life. 

Timely Repairs Will Keep Your Rug in Top Shape

The best thing to do when you discover damage to your rug is to have it professionally repaired as soon as possible. If left un-repaired, its condition will almost certainly worsen over time. A neglected tear, or corners that have begun to curl, can also be a tripping hazard for family and guests.

Your Rug is in Good Hands with Our Experts

Our experienced rug repair technicians can restore even the most seriously damaged rugs.  We will return them to excellent condition, at a very reasonable cost. We use the latest equipment, and will take the utmost care of every piece left in our hands.

Contact us for expert rug repair in the Westchester area. We will give you a free estimate and have your rug restored to its former beauty in no time.